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[EN] addresses the concept of uncertain loss through a site-specific audio-visual installation.

uncertain losses refer to those losses that remain blocked in the mourning stage and cannot be processed precisely because what was lost is partially present or its disappearance has not been confirmed.
this category of losses includes, for example, losses of space, territory, identity, losses due to uprooting, migration, wars or natural disasters.

these types of frozen losses are also experienced by those who care for a family member or a patient suffering from dementia,
someone severely sedated or under substance abuse, someone partially present, partially absent.

at the same stage are public transport workshop-spaces in Timișoara where mourning cannot begin.

their only presence, even degraded, leaves a hope that something could happen, could be re-assigns, could return to a known form that brings comfort. a normal we were used to, maybe even fulfilled / satisfied.

[RO] abordează conceptul de pierdere incertă printr-o instalație audio-vizuală, site-specifică.

pierderile incerte se referă la acele pierderi care rămân blocate în stadiul de doliu și nu pot fi procesate tocmai pentru că ce s-a pierdut e parțial prezent sau nu i s-a confirmat dispariția.
în această categorie de pierderi se încadrează de exemplu pierderile de spațiu, de teritoriu, de identitate, datorate dezrădăcinării, migrației, războaielor sau catastrofelor naturale.

aceste tipuri de pierderi înghețate, le trăiesc și cei care au grijă de un membru al familiei sau un pacient ce suferă de demență,
cineva sever sedat sau sub abuz de substanțe, cineva parțial prezent, parțial absent.

în același stadiu sunt și spații de ateliere ale transportului public din Timișoara unde doliul nu poate începe.

singura lor prezență, chiar și degradată, lasă o speranță că ceva s-ar putea întâmpla, re-atribui, reîntoarce la o formă familială, inițială, o formă știută ce aduce confort. un normal cu care eram obișnuiți, poate chiar împliniți/mulțumiți.

documentație eveniment 

ne-au împărtășit audio poveștile lor: constantin bradu, daniela laeș, dumitru fugaru, lăcrimioara chiorean, marian chelement

EMPIRIC, short fiction film (TBR)

Alexandra, early 20s, living with her mother and her mentally disabled brother, works at a textile factory in communist Romania. Because of the anti-abortion decree, women are used to the monthly gynaecology check-ups.  But this time, a surprise “parade” forces Alexandra to take a drastic decision.


one-channel video performance w/sound

the artists and the workers are those more exposed to the consequences of a drastic change, the social and economic collapse. while both of them are needed, they are vulnerable and the first to be dismissed.

shot during the pandemic while focusing mostly on the work around the house and construction I have realised the intersections and polarisation of the two.

 artists are asked for “bodies of work” while art is not considered work and the hard work in construction, painting, drilling, cutting is not considered art - even though artists emerged from its labour and both the art and the work are demanded to be beautiful and sometimes utilitarian at the same time.

the video focuses on the work itself and the sounds that a body at work makes.

documentation of exhibition TIME 244'33'' IVA:lab, Belgrade curated by Slađana Petrović Varagić

you can listen to an audio guide through the exhibition done by Mirjana Boba Stojadinović

the catalogue of the exhibition TIME 244'33'' #IVAlab is on web site of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade at this link


a draft collaboration between Hillevi Duus and Ioana Țurcan as part of our Critical Images: Dignity and Representation Programme


shot during my travels in between 2012-2017, using personal archive and combining 8mm film with digital files, states uprooted tries to challenge the idea of rituals in transition, identity and it's perception on different lands: Romania and USA.

BAGS WORKING 2016- present

bags working is part of "Violence I Women" an ongoing series of projects that are looking at violence used towards women furthermore practiced by women.


setting glass adrift embodies, through performance as well as its visual representation, tacit dialogues that happen between different bodies, spaces and surfaces, attempting to question the assumed clarity behind everyday interactions.

ROOTS AND LOVERS 2018 - present 

ongoing analog photography series

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