collaboration with Rohan Thakore & Lily Fein, 2015

part of Canary Lab and presented at the collective show Eating is a Cultural Act, Smith Hall Gallery, Syracuse, NY 

M.U.S. aims to convey the idea of cultural heritage, family linage and moreover cyclicality while offering a gallery experience related to food and its easy, home-making process. 

The installation provides two tables, one for display and one that replaces the “family dinning table” where the guests can sample the foods exhibited on the first table. The main produce is milk and its derivate than can be easily made at home, recipes that passed from a generation trough another by word of mouth or handwritten notebooks.  


photo/sound/video installation, 2014

Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse, NY

From 2009 until 2014 I  was involved in different visual projects that approached Rroma communities around Romania. My real experience and interaction was very different from the media propaganda, where the Romanians dominate the rhetoric and the narrative against the community. 

This installation uses Romanian news, gathered all in one place, that not only show no tolerance towards its biggest minority but shows that the media has no understanding of a real context, causes and needs. The irony is that these news and its makers are not satisfied no matter what: if the community is rich why is it richer than the others, if is struggling and live at the marginalia they bring upon a bad image and so on.

Then what the media wants from a community that they do not let to speak up for themselves? 

The images in the news are always commented negatively by the presenter, no direct conversation, interviews, no time invested.

installation >> sound systems, video projector, laptops, analog tv’s, plasma tv, dvd players, a white wall, white cubic stands, printed photographs, headphones, garments 

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