MILK USAGE STATION (M.U.S.) with Rohan Thakore & Lily Fein, 2015

Smith Hall Gallery, Syracuse, NY part of Canary Lab

M.U.S. aims to convey the idea of cultural heritage, family linage and moreover cyclicality while offering a gallery experience related to food and its easy, home-making process. 

The installation provides two tables, one for display and one that replaces the “family dinning table” where the guests can sample the foods exhibited on the first table. The main produce is milk and its derivate than can be easily made at home, recipes that passed from a generation trough another by word of mouth or handwritten notebooks. 

installation >> speakers, wooden table top, wooden milk crates, ceramics: bottle milk, cheese support, whey bowl, cheese clot, yogurt bowl, ghee container, wooden table top - white, solid plastic milk crates - black, Indian yogurt container, containers with food stamps, Romania napkins, my mother's recipes leather notebook, photos with hand written recipes on the back in Hindi, Romanian and English 


photo/sound/video installation, 2014

Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse

I’ve spent every year since 2009 involved in a visual project regarding different society levels in different Roma communities. Romania has the largest Roma population and its image is different than how is presented in mass-media today.

What I want is to give another perspective (trough my personal experience) on Roma communities since they are all seen as burglars and EU tries by force to align them with the society rules without knowing what their real problems are. There is a big lack of tolerance and almost no understanding of a real context.

installation >> sound systems, video projector, laptops, analog tv’s, plasma tv, dvd players, a white wall, white cubic stands, printed photographs, headphones, colorful garments 

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