I create small-scaled revolutions.

The first meaning of the word revolution refers to the action and the time taken by a celestial body in order to complete  a round in an orbit or elliptical course also apparent movement of such a body round the earth. 

As most actions, movements as well as progress needs its own revolution time, I deploy my own trough the use of visual, experiential and sound work.

These small-scale revolutions address mainly all forms of ambiguous loss trying to shift perspective on how we emotionally approach grief and the need of alternative rituals that might support us to live with the loss. 

So far in my work as interdisciplinary artist I have addressed topics on longing, dislocation and othering mostly in my video work and video performance. 

Through the projects I organise as educator I am very keen on speaking about gender roles, the the aspects of intimacy, sexualization and cultural romanticism. 

Due to my upbringing in agriculture and raising animal most of my photographs engage the relations between body, space, land as well the fragility of life.

Roots are neither arbitrary nor mutable 

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