setting glass adrift

single channel 08'09''/HD/stereo/ 2016

collaboration with salome kokoladze

Setting Glass Adrift embodies, through performance as well as its visual representation, tacit dialogues that happen between different bodies, spaces and surfaces, attempting to question the assumed clarity behind everyday interactions. 

selected >>> 

Contemporary Art Festival VideoPark, Uzice, Serbia, 2018


single channel /04'21''/stereo/HD/ 2016

III tackles the problematics of rape culture and sexual assault through three different cases in three different countries: China, Vietnam and Romania; and how the cases where similarly “dismissed” by the authorities.

selected >>> 

BIEFF, Romanian Cinematic Experiments, Romania 2018
AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival Catalogue, 2017
TIF Video Challenge, 2016
The Rest of the World Sleeps, Spark Contemp. Art Space, Syracuse, NY, 2016

the self illusion

single channel /2'54''/HD/color/stereo/ 2015

the child's self portrait as an artist

selected >>>

TIF Video Challenge, 2016
Videocontainer, Milan, Italy, 2016
Magic Mirror Video Art Event, Oradea, Romania, 2016
Tres Court Film Festival, Cluj, Romania, 2016
Film Lux Fest, Luxembourg, 2016
Filmul de Piatra, Romania 2015
Flux Short Film Festival, Minneapolis, USA, 2015
Euroshorts, Short Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland 2015

por ahora soy invierno

single channel 3'28''/HD/color/2015/ spanish with english subtitles 

winter's self creation

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Newark Film Festival, New Jersey 2016
TIF Video Challenge, 2016


single channel /3'06'/HD/color/2014

video and sound experiment exploring my connection with the grandfather I never met personally

selected >>>

AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival Catalogue, 2016 

TIFF Video Challenge, 2016 

Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, Buenos Aires, 2015


single channel /12'52''/HD/stereo/2014

exploring the remains of past relationships 

Best Indie Drama @ Festigious Film Festival, 2016 

the gallery

short animatic 02'19''/HD/stereo/2014

collaboration with lindsey leigh

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