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Adjunct instructor, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

courses developed:

TRM 300 Food, Culture and Identity with Edward Morris, part of Canary Lab Workshops, collaboration with My Lucky Tummy, Spring 2017

courses taught:

FIL 122 M003 film majors, Spring 2017

FIL122 M003 Sound/Image non-majors, Fall 2016

Teaching assistant Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY; for courses: 

FIL 223 Storytelling Production, 2017

FIL 420 Filmmaking: Senior Project Spring 2017

FIL 324 Scriptwriting Workshop Spring 2017

FIL 228 Film Scriptwriting Fall 2016

FIL 420 Filmmaking: Senior Project Fall 2016, 

Teaching Assistant Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY;
manage student film submissions, screening coordinator New Filmmakers Showcase, Syracuse Film Festival, 2015

Instructional assistant Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

ART 200/300/500 Art in China, Winter 2017

ART 200/300/500 Art in Europe Summer 2016, 

ART 200/300/500 Art in America Summer 2016,  

ART 200/300/500 Art in Europe Winter 2015,

ART 200/300/500 Art in America Summer 2015, 

ART 200/300/500 Art in Europe Spring 2015,

ART 361/561 Studio Symposium Fall 2014, 

Tutor, curator and co-creator of the Interior.Exterior.Intimitate workshops, programme created for teenagers to express creatively on topics of intimacy, Vaslui Romania 2020

Instructor for Multimedia class, non-formal 3 months education for high school teens coming from different schools in sector 3, Bucharest, oct - dec 2018

co-Tutor with Nora Agai for Moldox Lab - Exploration - part of Moldox Film Festival for Social Change in Cahul, Republic of Moldova, 2018

Instructor for the Syracuse Boxing Club and facilitator for classes of the artist in residence and instructor Cassils Heat during their semester at Syracuse University, NY, 2017

Teaching mentor, Syracuse University, Graduate School, NY – Incoming Teaching Assistants Orientation, 2016

Teaching mentor Slutzker Center for International Students, Syracuse, NY – International Students Orientation, 2016

Instructional assistant Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
facilitator audio/video equipment for Transmedia Cage, Syracuse University, 2015

Mentor and developer 24 Frames Film Camp, Baia-Mare, Romania, 2014

B4Film/24Frames film camp, Romania

B4Film/24Frames film camp, Romania

  syllabi /. excerpts

TRM 300/500 Food, Culture, Identity

An intensive weekend examining food in the context of the respective culture and the identity of the participants. Special presentation and workshop by My Lucky Tummy, as well as personal narrative and cooking lesson from Sarah Robin, a recent immigrant to Syracuse from Pakistan. Students will then collaborate on a projects for an April 29th event/exhibition.  


(film-major students) 

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FIL 122 M001 SOUND / IMAGE FALL 2016

 (non-majors/transfer students)

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teaching approach./ inspiring role-models

Sreshta Rit Premnath: Critique as unlearning, e-flux conversations, 2016

"How do we help art students unlearn a functionalist notion of education, in exchange for a critical and ethically oriented one that is capable of imagining and actively creating a society beyond the capitalist art world? In the absence of an autonomous sphere from which to speak, or towards which to direct production, teachers must take seriously Fred Moten’s call to be in but not of the university.4 We must not and cannot dissolve the academy, but we can use it as an “undercommons” that opens other spaces within, beneath, and beside it."


///   student work    ///

FIL 122 M001 sound/image fall 2016

  Caitlin Meagher (For the boys, 8’24’’)

              Major: Transmedia, Film

Ellie Haines (Balloons, 5’ )

Major: Communications and Rhetorical Studies

Christian Wimmer (Panic, 7’34’’)

Major: Arts and Sciences, History

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