USA versus....

mixed-media performance

collaboration with Sarah Culkin, Stacey Cann

as part of Hibernaculum Pop-up Show by The Works Arts Society

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2017

Walls can both protect and isolate. In different configurations the wall offers different amounts of stability, protection, and isolation for each performer.

They sometimes use the wall to isolate themselves from each other, and sometimes build the wall together to protect them from the audience.

This work is about protection as well as vulnerability. It uses humour and absurdity to confront real issues of protection, isolation, and building barriers.

still from ChimaCloud by Saya Woolfalk

installation view, Everson Museum, 2016

video performance for Chima Cloud by multimedia artist Saya Woolfalk created during her Light Work 2015 artist residency. 

Presented by Urban Video Project, Light Work, and the Everson Museum of Art 

Idleness Labouritory: attuning. At Point of Contact Gallery, Syracuse, New York, 2016

attuning, a live audio streaming 24-hour durational performance transmits the human, non-human and material resonance emanating from a site-responsive collaborative event

Douglas, M., Preston, J., Barrow, K., Farrenkopf, J, Huang, K., Miller, T., Spitzner and Turcan, I.

still from 1' documentation video


still performance, 40'

Comstock Art Facility, Syracuse, NY, 2015

the 40 minutes standing performance tried to illustrate the food system hierarchy in USA and the "induction" of perfection regarding the food consumption. this usually comes with the price of underpaid pickers and forced waste in the farms production.


absent performance, 3h

Comstock Art Facility, Syracuse, NY, 2015

this work was made on the training and physical exhaustion idea.

it was influenced and created as a response to the opulence of Franko B's work (milk & blood, 2015) and my disagreement regarding his portrayal of boxing and hard physical work.

i trained for 2h in the room. i left. then the audience was invited in.

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