body of work

single channel

2' HD, colour, sound 


The artists and the workers are those more exposed to the consequences of a drastic change, the social and economic collapse. While both of them are needed, they are vulnerable and the first to be dismissed. 

Shot during the pandemic while focusing mostly on the work around the house and construction I have realised the intersections and polarisation of the two. Artists are asked for “bodies of work” while art is not considered work and the hard work in construction, painting, drilling, cutting is not considered art - even though artists emerged from its labour and both the art and the work are demanded to be beautiful and sometimes utilitarian at the same time.

The video focuses on the work itself and the sounds that a body at work makes.


single channel 

02'46'' HD stereo 


a draft collaboration with Hillevi Duus speaking of one's body demands 

part of Critical Images: Dignity and Representation Programme, Sweden

decontext xxx 

single channel 

12' HD  no sound  


for those who's fame arrises on others body
for those who's shame is casted for their own

USA versus...

mixed-media performance collaboration with Sarah Culkin, Stacey Cann

as part of Hibernaculum Pop-up Show by The Works Arts Society Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2017

Walls can both protect and isolate. In different configurations the wall offers different amounts of stability, protection, and isolation for each performer. They sometimes use the wall to isolate themselves from each other, and sometimes build the wall together to protect them from the audience. 

This work is about protection as well as vulnerability. It uses humour and absurdity to confront real issues of protection, isolation, and building barriers.

violence women

 3 part video and performance looking at violence practiced by women

violence I women

absent performance, 3h

this work was made on the training and physical exhaustion idea. I trained for 2h in the room, I left, then the audience was invited in.

violence II women

3 rounds of braless bag work

violence III women 

video documentation of my 3 collegiate boxing championships during 2014-2017

Idleness Labouritory: attuning. At Point of Contact Gallery, Syracuse, New York, 2016

attuning, a live audio streaming 24-hour durational performance transmits the human, non-human and material resonance emanating from a site-responsive collaborative event

Douglas, M., Preston, J., Barrow, K., Farrenkopf, J, Huang, K., Miller, T., Spitzner and Turcan, I.


single channel /04'21''/stereo/HD/ 2016

collaboration with Kieu Anh Truong and Yiuying Feng

III tackles the problematics of rape culture and sexual assault through three different cases in three different countries: China, Vietnam and Romania; and how the cases where similarly “dismissed” by the authorities.

setting glass adrift

single channel 

08'09''/ HD / stereo / 2016

collaboration with Salome Kokoladze

Setting Glass Adrift embodies, through performance as well as its visual representation, tacit dialogues that happen between different bodies, spaces and surfaces, attempting to question the assumed clarity behind everyday interactions. 

performance for Chima Cloud  by multimedia artist Saya Woolfalk created during her Light Work 2015 artist residency. 

presented by Urban Video Project, Light Work, and the Everson Museum of Art 

farm fresh

still performance, 40'

Comstock Art Facility, Syracuse, NY, 2015

the 40 minutes standing performance tried to illustrate the food system hierarchy in USA and the "induction" of perfection regarding the food consumption. this usually comes with the price of underpaid pickers and forced waste in the farms production

the self illusion

single channel 

2'54''/ HD / color / stereo/ 2015

the child's self portrait as an artist

por ahora soy invierno

single channel

3'28''/ HD / color / 2015

spanish with english subtitles 

winter's self creation


single channel 

3'06'/ HD / color / 2014

video and sound experiment exploring my connection with the grandfather I never met personally

present in

AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival Catalogue, 2016 

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